Services and Fees

For BAF Boarders and Leasees

BAF Fee-Monthly $100.00
Trim legs, bridle path, muzzle etc… $15-$35.00
Mane Pull and Cleanup $40.-$50.00
Full Body Clip $150.00
Schooling $20-$45.00 per ride
Tack up (incl. In full board) $10.-$20.00 per ride
Medical Care (incl. shots) Varies
Horse Show-Grooming and Coaching $140.00+ per day
Mane Braiding $50.00+ per day
Mane and Tail Braiding $85.-$95.00+ per day
Boarding to be billed directly by Eastward Farm Varies
Horse Show shipping-will be billed to you directly---
Shared Expenses (food and lodging for Trainers and Grooms)
$ Varies