About Breakaway Farm

Animated header with two horses rearing on hind legs

Breakaway Farm has been in establishment since 1992.
We take great pride in our commitment to professionalism.



We are open Tues.-Sat., and closed on Mondays.  

We require all riders to where a ASTM/SEI certified hunt caps and riding boots when mounted. Prior to riding, a Release must be signed by an adult or guardian.

We suggest you arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your lesson to groom and tack your horse. It is the responsibility of each rider to clean their tack and and take care of the horse when lessons are finished.

At BAF we take pride in the animal and the rider. Also, we teach our students not only to ride but to be able to care for the horse or pony. This is very important and also is a great way to teach your child about the responsibility of having a animal. We offer lessons on our ponies but also a full, half or quarter lease that lets your child experience owning their own horse or pony, but at a fraction of the cost. All of our horses and ponies are safe and friendly. Children can enjoy their ride and learn about the animal in a safe and friendly environment.

We have experience in teaching all the levels of riders from inexperienced to the experienced rider. Martha Gilchrist and Sonia Schuster own and train BAF riders. Our expertise is in Hunter/ Jumper and Equitation but also teaching beginners. Our ponies are safe and Martha and Sonia have a love for riding as they have been riding since they were a child. They both have many years of experience and have trained riders who compete in some of the top shows like Vermont Summer Festival, HITS and WEF. These shows attract competitors from around the world and country. Martha and Sonia teach their riders how to really connect with their horse and understand how to deal with problems they may come across. They are both sweet and caring and enjoy training horses and their riders which makes the riding experience different at BAF and also very positive for children and adults. Horseback riding is like no other sport. Some trainers only teach their riders to be able to stay on their horse and ride around a ring, but at Breakaway Farm, Sonia and Martha teach their riders to understand the horse. They teach their riders to be able to notice and conncect with the animal that they are riding. Other sports are just being able to play the game, but riding you are riding a animal. They have a mind and you learn to understand them. You do learn to be on a team in riding because in the show ring you are a team with a horse. You jump as one and in unison. You are also a team with your trainer and that is what BAF and Sonia and Martha strive to accomplish when training their students. Breakaway Farm is truly foccused on their horses and riders and as our motto states, we do what we do simply "For the love of riding!"